Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Longevity: 5 lessons learned from Betty White, age 90

My favorite Golden Girl, Betty White, is preparing to turn 90. At 90, she's still working in television as her career has been through a revival in the last decade. If you've seen her on any of her recent Hot in Cleveland episodes, you know she's just as spunky and spry as ever.

Here are 5 lessons we can learn from Betty White on living a long and healthy life:

  1. "Laugh every day". Of course this doesn't come as a surprise from one of America's comedy icons. Laughter has the power to heal and renew.  It is an immediate cure for stress, pain and conflict and has physical, mental and social benefits.
  2. "Always have a pet in your life". Aside from her acting career, Betty has always been an animal lover and activist and has even written  a couple of books on the subject. The CDC reports that pets can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and feelings of loneliness.  Pets can also increase your opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and socialization.
  3. "Keep your mind sharp". Betty says she's addicted to crossword puzzles.  Research shows that by keeping your brain healthy with the right diet, and exercising it to keep cognitive function strong, you can boost memory and brainpower.
  4. "Get your beauty sleep". In 2010, Betty teamed up with sleepbetter.org to bring attention to the benefits of getting a good night's sleep. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary says "Getting a good night’s sleep is an effortless technique to create longevity and health. Deep rest during the night helps you fight stress, maintain a healthy weight, and keeps your energy levels high."
  5. "Never dwell on past mistakes." Betty specifically gave this advice to Lebron James on the David Letterman show, but she's right. Letting go of past mistakes and focusing on the good things in our lives makes us emotionally healthier and that leads to better physical health as well. 

Who do you know over 90?  What are their secrets?  Please share them with us.

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