Friday, January 6, 2012

Free Gift: Baby steps to a new you

Happy New You friends!  Its that time of year when everyone vows to "do something better".

The top resolutions are always the same:
Lose weight
Get organized
Manage Stress
Save more, spend less
I believe making resolutions is healthy.  It means we know we have room for improvement and haven't given up hope.  Problem is, by now many have already given up, just 5 or 6 days into the new year!

Why is that? 

Perhaps you're trying to change too much too soon, you're going at it with the "all or nothing" mindset.  This works for some people, but for many, perfectionism gets in the way. One blunder, one small mistake, one step off of the new plan and we tell ourselves we "can't do it".

Been there and done that. 
I've struggled with organization and time management my whole life.  Now, I don't have it totally under control, but in the last several months, I seen more consistent improvement than ever before. I had to accept that I couldn't change habits I've had my entire life over-night.  It takes baby steps, one foot in front of the other.

Free Gift!
Knowing you've probably vowed to one of these popular resolutions, I want to offer you a baby-step plan developed to help you renew your mind, body and soul for 2012.  Now is the time, you were meant for greatness! Believe in yourself and don't give up!  Click here, enter your name and e-mail address and get instant access to my step-by-step daily guide to jump start what I believe is going to be the very best year of your life!

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My goal this year is to help more people reach their goals of getting healthy, losing weight and becoming debt-free. Exciting things are in the works! I hope you will subscribe my blog, my mailing list and my Facebook page so that I can continue to share them with you.

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