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One tiny problem with XanoLean - confessions of a skinny girl

June 2011
Yes, I'm skinny.

A size 4.

I have been most of my life. When I was a kid, my dad called me "bones".  I could wear little girls clothes until I was in my 20s and never weighed more than 120 pounds.

If I did start to notice my weight going up or feel "fat", I could easily drop five pounds by going on Slim Fast and eating Lean Cuisine for a week.

Skinny girl gets fat
At 28, I got married and gradually put on nearly 25 pounds.  This was me, 33 years old, a size 11 and 144 pounds in February of 2009.  We had these photos taken at our church for a fundraiser and I hated them. I felt fat, ugly, and ashamed of myself. I only purchased them out of guilt and honestly had no intention of ever letting anyone see them. Until recently, they were stashed in the junk drawer in my desk, buried deep.  At this point, I had tried all of my old tricks to lose that weight and nothing was working.  I had given up and told myself, "everyone gains weight when they get older".

Fat girl gets skinny
In April of 2009, I was introduced to Suddenly Slim by FirstFitness Nutrition. I lost 10 and a half pounds in 10 days and then another 12 in that same month. 22 pounds just melted off of me! I was ecstatic! I was finally feeling like myself again only better! Healthier, more energized than before!

Skinny girl gets fit
Now, here we are three years later.  I've maintained my weight loss and developed a healthier lifestyle for me and my family. This year, I resolved to "get fit".  I'm tired of just being skinny, I'm tired of  the bat wings flapping when I wave, tired of the cellulite on my butt cheeks and the layer of fat that's hiding my six pack. Yes, my friends, there is a difference between skinny and fit! In January, I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit training program and altered my diet to lower by body fat and to build some muscle tone. This means I'm eating a LOT and am eating 5-6 high protein meals a day. This is more than I've ever eaten in my life!  Initially, I felt stuffed all the time, but I have gotten used to it and my body actually is responding to the changes.

Last week, I started testing a new weight loss product released by FirstFitness Nutrition, XanoLean, even though I do not need to lose weight.

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Here's why I'm using XanoLean:
I know FirstFitness products deliver exactly what they say they will so, as soon as I heard about XanoLean, I couldn't wait to get it. XanoLean increases fat burning and targets belly fat! What a great way for me to get lean and do it faster!

In just 4 days with XanoLean, I've already lost 2 and a half inches from my waist and dropped 2 pounds.

There's just one problem - XanoLean completely diminishes my appetite and makes me feel full before I can finish all of my food! One day last week I completely forgot to eat my lunch. (Skipping meals is bad, even for people trying to lose weight.) I need ALL of my food to reach my goal!  But with 2 and a half inches off of my waist, this is a problem I can easily overcome! (I have set up a alarm on my phone to remind me when its time to take my XanoLean and when its time to eat! ;)

I can't wait to post the next photo in this story. It will resemble something like this. 

Now, I'm challenging you!   
This is my story, what's yours?

Have you given up?  
Don't give up! There's  hope! 

If you want to make a change, let's talk!
Let's develop a plan that will work for you! 

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