Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow! We won! Somebody pinch me!

We won the Ultimate Body Challenge! I have been about to bust with excitement for over a week now! Last Tuesday, the President and CEO of FirstFitness Nutrition, Nigel Branson, called to inform me that Jason and I were selected as the Top Couple Grand Champions in the first round of the FirstFitness Nutrition 90-Day Ultimate Body Challenge!  In three weeks, we will fly away to paradise!

The company has asked me not to divulge the full details of our 90-day transformation until they have a chance to publish it nationwide, but I can tell you that they are flying us to Cancun to the El Dorado Royale Resort for 5 days for a dream vacation and professional photo shoot! We are honored and humbled to be selected and the trip falls right near our 8th wedding anniversary! Click here to learn how you can win too!

Since I can't disclose the nitty-gritty details and winning photos YET, I thought I would share a little photo history of our journey to optimal health.

November 2008
April 2009, the day I was introduced to FFN
FFN National Convention 2010. Spirit Award
FFN National Convention July 2011
FFN National Convention July 2012
July 2012, before taking the 90-Day Challenge
October 31, 2012, Challenge Results coming soon

Are you ready for the Challenge?

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