Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10 things that are affecting your weight loss

Lee and I, Awards Dinner 2011
Dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry. The problem with most diets is that they provide temporary solutions to weight problems. Another ongoing issue is that many diets may require you to drop out of life, while you fulfill the requirements of a strange new, fad diet, that is unrealistic and that you cannot incorporate into your daily life. So, once again you have only a temporary solution. To maintain a healthy weight loss, you absolutely must adopt a healthy nutrition program, improve your metabolism, and rid your body of excess toxins.

Here are 10 things that could be affecting your weight loss success given to me by Lee Causey, founder of FirstFitness Nutrition

1. Motivation. If you’re not mentally motivated to look and feel better, with a vision of what you want to accomplish, your weight loss will never happen.  Get some friends and do it together!
2. Stress. Research has proven that stress is the number one cause of not only illness, but also the inability to lose weight.
3. Small Meals. Small meals keep your body’s metabolism moving. It is always much better to eat 4-5 small meals per day than 2 or 3 large meals.
4. Water. Many of us retain a lot of water, and the only way to release the excess water is to drink more water.
5. Fiber. As with drinking lots of water, you must also have plenty of fiber in your diet while on a weight loss program.
6. Candida. This fungus is the villain which is the root cause for many individuals who are unable to lose weight.
7. Cleanse and Detoxify. The importance of cleansing and detoxification to maintain excellent health and weight loss can never be overstated.
8. Fat Burner. As we age, the body’s ability to burn fat is significantly reduced. Adding the right fat burning supplement can make all the difference in your weight loss program.
9. Mustard. Recent research has revealed that mustard can be very powerful as both an anti-inflammatory and also to increase the body’s metabolism.
10. Sweat and Exercise. To get the full benefit from your exercise regimen, it is important to get to the point where you are producing sweat.

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