Friday, February 24, 2012

Working out with "the girls"

As my love for running and working out in the gym continues to grow daily, I've started recommending it more and more to my clients and friends.

Talking with a friend today, I realized that working out and running can be a real pain in the BUST for some women!  (And its not just another excuse

Now, if you know me, or even if you don't you can look at my pictures and see that I know nothing about being well-endowed.  I hated that I had absolutely no answers to my friend's issue.  So I started doing some research.

Here's what I found:

One thing I found is you have to be careful how you phrase your search string!  YIKES! I also found that there's not much out there in the way of answers.

Sports Bras

They weren't created just for comfort. They were created specifically to keep the bouncing at bay. FitSugar and Skinny Emmie had some great recommendations.  My friend found this video to be specifically helpful:

Thanks Emmie!

FitSugar also recommended wearing a sport top that has a shelf bra attached to it over your sports bra. Often, a sports bra alone won't do the trick for high intensity activities such as running and jumping rope.


  1. Cardio:  If running is just too painful, try hiking, biking, or swimming.
  2. Core:  Strengthening the core helps support "the girls". Elbow planks and the superman (seen in this video) 3 times a week are a must to strengthen you back for a strong support system.
  3. Posture:  Posture is a challenge for a lot of people, but can be especially challenging for women with large chests.  Pilates and Yoga can help lengthen the spine and improve posture.

If you have more tips, please, please share them in the comments below.

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