Monday, December 19, 2011

Healthy (and Yummy!) Strawberry Tree Centerpiece

I love making candy and treats for the holidays, but I often feel guilty about giving sugary sweets when I am trying to promote healthy eating all year. This is a delightful, semi-healthy treat with a big WOW factor.

Things you need:
Aluminum Foil
Fresh Strawberries, rinsed and dried
Chocolate Chips or Almond Bark (optional)
Log House Vanilla CANDIQUIK® Coating (optional)

Start with your Foam Cone.  I got this from Michael's.  They come in different sizes. I used the 9x4 inch cone.

Wrap it in Aluminum Foil.

This size cone takes about 1/4 of a flat of fresh strawberries.  You can use less or more depending on how "full" you want to make your tree.

Be sure they are rinsed well and dried well.

Insert the toothpicks into your covered cone, starting at the bottom.

If you choose to use chocolate, have it melted and ready for dipping. On this tree, I dipped some of the berries, but not all. I used Nestle Semi-Sweet Morsels

Simpy dip the tip of the berry into the chocolate.  Don't dip it too deep or you will smudge it when trying to place it on the tree.

Gently push the berry onto the toothpick.  I try to get it as close to the stem as possible for added security.

Use bigger berries on the bottom row

Finish the bottom layer, then start on the next.

Continue to work your way up

You may fill in as many as you like, making them as tight or loose as you like.

Find a nice, ripe berry for the top.

I use the Vanilla Candy Quick in a piping bag to drizzle the "snow" onto the tree.

Here is the finished product!

These look beautiful as centerpieces are are great with or without the chocolate and candy coating.   

Here's one I did without the chocolate:

I didn't snap the photo until after it was already being indulged upon.  My co-workers loved it!

Here is a very fancy (and sugar-filled) tray I made for a family Christmas party:

I added some chocolate and candy coated marshmallows and homemade buckeyes, which are in no way, shape or form healthy and should only be consumed in moderation. ;)

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