Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our history...

Jason & Amy with the founder, Lee Causey and his wife, Anita
...with FirstFitness

Over the last year, the company that we partner with, FirstFitness International, has become FirstFitness Nutrition.  We attended the "unveiling" of the new company this past weekend at the National Convention in Dallas, TX.  We had an amazing time and learned about a lot of new and exciting things coming up in the next few months, including an opportunity to go to Punta Cana for FREE!

As many of you may know, Jason and I were not seeking to be in the weight loss or wellness business at all when this opportunity fell into our laps.  However, after an amazing experience with their weight loss product, Suddenly Slim, we couldn't say no to the business opportunity that followed.

In April of 2009, I was introduced to Suddenly Slim by my cousin in Tennessee. She claimed I could lose up to 10 lbs in 10 days.  I was skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose since she was offering me a money back guarantee.  I lost 10.5 lbs in 10 days and went on to lose 22 lbs in 30 days.  Immediately, friends and family wanted this product. I had proven that it worked and watched many others be successful with it as well.  Yet, I was skeptical of the business.

After doing the research, I found that FirstFitness had been in business since 1989, 22 years now.  I also found that they offered one of the highest commissions available to their distributors of any other company of its kind, with the largest percentage of income going back to distributors. And the owners and founders of the company have the same core values that we do.

In October of 2009, we decided there was no way we could go wrong and we purposely launched our business and became Directors with the company!  Since then we have earned a nice supplemental income through retail and residual income, won a trip to Las Vegas and two 7-day Caribbean cruises. This added income has also allowed us to pay for a week long beach vacation for our family, buy a new home computer and go on several spontaneous weekend retreats together. 

Coming back from the National Convention in Dallas, we are even more certain that we've made the right choice, with the right company!  We are on a mission to enrich the lives of others through health, wealth and lasting transformations!

If you are tired of trying to lose weight with programs that give you no personal support, tired of trying to make ends meet, just plain TIRED of being TIRED, we want to help! If you want LASTING CHANGE and  a LIFESTYLE of HEALTH and WELLNESS for your entire family,  we would love to coach you in an ALL NATURAL, step-by-step program with guaranteed results.  Call us immediately to get started and don't waist another day being tired!

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