Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weight loss solutions...

...just in time for summer

When you partner with us, we are here to guide you every step of the way, over the phone, through text, social media like Facebook and Twitter, email and one-on-one consultations.

We invite you to take a look at a few of our most popular programs and contact us for a consultation before you place your order.

We offer programs with a 100% money back guarantee! There's no counting calories, carbs or fat with our programs and everything you need is provided for your success. Our menus and coaching programs mean there's no guesswork either, just guaranteed success.

Life by Design - Going beyond weight loss

The LIFE By Design Weight Loss and Wellness System is a perfect personal wellness system to begin the journey of improving your health and changing your life . This program goes beyond the body, beyond nutrition, beyond weight loss and gets to the root of the issues.

Contains the Suddenly Slim! Xtreme 30-Day Cleansing & Weight Loss Program with the menu guide & grocery list, the new 8Rx - the most powerful nutraceutical formula for optimal wellness protection, and the 90-Day ULTIMATE BODY MAKEOVER Coaching Program with weight loss, wellness and life transformation coaching,daily emails and podcasts, and weekly coaching calls and webinars, plus a FREE 1 year FirstFitness Nutrition Distributorship with 25% discount on all future orders, a FREE Personal FFN Website, and a FREE Shaker Bottle.

Suddenly Slim Xtreme 30-Day Cleansing & Weight Loss Program - For accelerated weight and inch loss
Contains Slim ‘N UP! Xtreme for appetite control and advanced thermogenesis; Rene├║, which is designed to cleanse and detoxify your body; AND, our delicious meal replacement Body FX shake, for optimal metabolic function. You also receive a specially designed program and menu guide that allows you to eat real food without counting calories, fat grams or carbs.*

"I lost 10.5 lbs in just 10 days with Suddenly Slim. Within 1 month, I lost 22 lbs. and 19 inches. I went from a very snug size 10 to a comfortable size 4! This was in May of 2009. I have maintained my goal weight ever since mostly with diet, exercise and Trimbolic." - Amy Polk

"I lost 13 lbs in 10 days with Suddenly Slim Xtreme. I was at my goal weight within 3 weeks having lost 25 lbs. I have kept the weight off and lost even more over the last year and a half for a total weight loss of about 40 lbs." - Jason Polk

Don't just take our word for it, listen to these amazing testimonies from real people just like you!

Summertime Magic - Lose weight without dieting

Show off an Xtremely fit new YOU this Summer without dieting!

The next few months will be filled with pool parties, barbecues and vacations! How can you stay on your healthy eating plan and still have a good time? It’s all about preparation and mindfulness.

This program is a combination of our Cleanse & Burn program and the Trimbolic. The best part, there are very few dietary restrictions! This is perfect if you want to lose a few pounds over the summer or just keep off the extra pounds that people tend to pack on during vacations!

• Use Slim ‘N UP! Xtreme and Rene├║ as directed.
• Use Trimbolic as directed before each meal & before summertime parties.
• Eat sensibly (avoid fried foods, bread and sugar).
• Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.

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