Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crazy dreams...

...no limits allowed

When's the last time you let yourself dream? Not the subconscious, sleeping dream, but a REAL, on purpose dream? You may think I'm talking crazy and that dreaming is something you have no control over, but I'm talking about dreaming something for your life, in detail, on purpose, with no limits! Dreaming with no "I'm too old to start that now" or "If I wasn't married" or "If I didn't have kids" or "If I hadn't dropped out of high school or college", "If I had more money", "If I had more time"! No limits, BIG DREAMING!!

I've found that most people don't dream at all. Why? Because they're afraid and they've already made the excuses for why they can't do what they dream of doing; they're "too old", they "don't have time", they "don't have the education", they "don't have the money".

Then there are those who just dream, dream, dream and that's all they talk about! Young girls dream about getting married, having a big house, a big family with big social events. Young men dream of going to college, being successful. Then someone comes along and tells then to "get real" and they downsize their dreams based on someone else's reality.

What they (and maybe you) need is a plan! Dream, dream as BIG as you want to and then make a plan! Will a plan make a dream come true? No, you then have to put the plan into ACTION!

A dream is just a dream until you have a PLAN!
A plan is just a plan until you put some ACTION into it!

Stop being afraid to dream. Don't put limits on your dreams!


What's your dream? What's been holding you back? What's the first step to making it your reality?

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