Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Survive the Most Dreaded Season of the Year... season

(this is kind of a random, Public Service Announcement, but I think you should read it and watch the video)

I did my mom's taxes last night, it was so simple and it was free with Turbo Tax. This weekend I will be doing my own taxes and I'm actually excited about it. Have you done yours yet?

I'm only so excited because in years passed, we've always had to pay. BUT that changed for us last year after starting our business! I can't wait to see what kind of refund the IRS will owe me!

This morning I had a friend request from YouTube and I came across this video and wanted to share it with you all. One of the many benefits of our home-based business is the tax deductions. Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to watch this clip from Sandy Botkin, an Attorney and Certified Public Accountant. I've actually learned a lot from one of his seminars on CD on the drive home from work.

This post isn't meant to promote him necessarily, but I think this is valuable information worth sharing.

If you're one of the lucky folks that get a refund this year, spend it wisely. Here are some suggestions:

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