Friday, August 20, 2010

Reserve Your Seat Today!

...for transformational change that lasts!

FirstFitness is dedicated to Transforming Lives, Restoring Hope, and Fulfilling Dreams by providing excellent wellness products and a financial plan that enables ordinary people to move from success to significance.

Jason and I are really excited about hosting this meeting in Starke. This company has given us a way to dream bigger than we could have ever imagined before and we want to help others, including you, do the same.

If you have been struggling to lose weight, control your blood pressure or cholesterol, overcome chronic pain, or some other health issue, we have a line of products that can change your life.

Or maybe its a financial struggle you are experiencing, struggling to pay the bills, finding more month than money, we have an income opportunity that can change your lifestyle.

Maybe you're just looking for something to give you JOY...

Come check this out. It's not a bunch of hype, its a REAL opportunity to make REAL changes in your life.

This isn't a high pressure sales or recruiting event, it's just an opportunity to be educated.

We do hope you will come and see what the excitement is about!!

Thursday - 6:30pm
IHOP - 1350 South Walnut Street, Starke, FL

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