Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cathing Up: Family Vacation @ Lake Nantahala

To everything there is a season - Ecclesiastes 1:4

12 hours after I returned home from Honduras, we were on the road to Lake Nantahala for our annual family vacation. This is a tradition that started when Jason and I got married. For 5 years now we have been taking a week off to relax in the mountains each summer with our extended family.

We rented a nice place on Lake Nantahala on the Andrews, NC side. Most years we have outings planned for each day, but this year, we just sat back and enjoyed the lake.

It was truly a week to relax and renew! That combined with "family time" is something I needed more than anything else. The kids played and fished in the lake almost every day. I slept in everyday, started studying women of the Bible and started reading the 3rd book in the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. We watched movies and I even got a little sun!!

We did make a couple of jaunts here and there.

The first on Tuesday to fulfill another family tradition at The Fun Factory in Franklin, NC, putt-putt and go-karts are a must for our family. We also stopped in at a great Christian Bookstore.

Wednesday, we went back to Franklin for a Back 2 School concert with Shane & Shane and Mark Cahill. It was awesome! Did you know that every second 2 people die? Are you ready for eternity?

When we returned to the house Wednesday night, the electricity went out! We had been warned by the owner that is goes out briefly from time to time. Well, it was still out at 11:00 am on Thursday! Luckily the highs were in the 80s up there. But this served as an excuse for us to wander into Andrews, just the three of us (Jason, Rachel and me). We stopped at a local coffee shop with the cutest little bookstore inside. Then made our way to the local winery. Perfect little family outing. I love that my family can delight in such simple things!!

Friday, we celebrated Pop's 70th Birthday!

It was a great week, but it was great to finally get home too...

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