Monday, April 19, 2010

Healing Power of the Amazon Rainforest...

. . . the earth's greatest living natural pharmacy Zavita, a legendary plant recipe comprised of seven of the world's most powerful healing botanicals, is known among the Amazon's indigenous peoples and tribal healers as "Elixa-da-Vida"—the "Elixir of Life"

On the April 13 Product Training Call, Chairman Lee Causey and Dr. Pete Coon, of our medical advisory board, discussed the the life-changing benefits of Zavita.

Chairman Lee Causey cited the more than 350 scientific studies that support the health benefits in the indigenous plants contained in Zavita. These Ingredients are backed by over 20 years of published research, more than 50 clinical trials on humans, more than 200 laboratory studies evaluating the biological activities of each extract, and more than 100 ethnomedical reports documenting the use of the Amazon Rainforest botanicals in Zavita by traditional tribal healers and natural medicine practitioners

Lee explained that although cells continue to renew themselves, because we are bombarded with free radicals, the cell duplication process is stifled and our bodies begin degeneration, and that Zavita feeds the cells with proper nutrients to regenerate and help us maintain vitality and strength as we age.

Dr. Pete Coon is a health and wellness expert and medical and veterinary forensic pathologist, a professor of medical and veterinary forensic pathology and infectious diseases, a published author, and one of the most informative lecturers in the area of health, wellness and preventative medicine.

Dr. Coon explained that more and more people are turning to alternatives and botanicals for healing. He went on to say that the 8 botanicals in Zavita have been in the business of healing for millions of years serving as anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress agents.

"Zavita can change a person's mental, physical and emotional well being. It can help all the systems of the body work together in synergy. Nothing on the market comes close to Zavita. It is one of greatest preventative tonics we can take to boost the immune system and the healing process." Dr. Pete Coon

Important facts on the healing properties of Zavita:

Zavita helps promote healthy inflammatory responses, reduces muscle aches and pain, helps support cartilage and joint functions and blocks pain.

CATS CLAW: Used by the native people for intestinal complaints, tumors, diabetes, asthma, wounds, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, hypoglycemia, cancer, hormones imbalance, fevers, and rheumatism. Recent findings show it beneficial for lupus, upper respiratory conditions and parasites. Studies have shown it a significant treatment for Aids, HIV infection. It is useful for blood cholesterol, ulcers, chrones disease, protects against foreign invading agents, prevents blood clots, lowers blood pressure, an is the most studied botanical herb in the rainforest. It targets whole body wellness and stabilizes the immune system.

CATUABA: Reduces muscle aches and pain after physical activity* Increases libido and enhances performance* Helps regulate blood flow* Enhances memory and cognitive functions* Calming and relaxing* Helps prevent cramps and spasms* Improves sleep* Helps support the cardiovascular system*

CHÁ DE BUGRE: Appetite suppressant—supports weight loss, Protects against harmful micro-organisms, balances and strengthens heart muscle protects against foreign invading agents, balances heart muscle, helps dilate blood vessels for more oxygenation.*

CHUCHUHUASI: Helps decrease inflammatory responses, blocks pain, relaxes muscles, increases libido, blocks free radicals, stimulates immune system, regulates unhealthy cell growth, increases antioxidant protection.*

IMPORURU: Helps decrease unhealthy inflammatory responses, helps support cartilage and joint functions, reduces muscle aches and pain after physical activity, helps protect against harmful micro-organisms.*

Helps protect brain and nerve cells, supports immune function, blocks free radicals, helps decrease unhealthy inflammatory responses, helps maintain regularity, protects skin cells, promotes detoxification and cleansing, maintains healthy lung function.*

TAYUYA: Helps neutralizes free radicals, improves digestion and bowel functions, helps the body adapt to internal and external stess, promotes detoxification, regulates cell mutation and growth, helps regulate menstruation, enhances liver functions, keeps skin healthy, improves exercise recovery.*

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