Monday, November 16, 2009

Liver Renewal

If you talk to radiologists and gastroenterologists who are looking at people's livers today, they will tell you that the condition called "Fatty Liver" affects more than 50% of people over the age of 50. Common causes are poor diet, excessive alcohol intake, adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs and toxic chemicals, and viral hepatitis.

Lipomax10 is an all natural, safe remedy designed to help relieve the following problems: inflammation from fluid retention; general fatigue and weakness; allergies and chemical sensitivities; skin disturbances (acne); fat accumulation; digestive complaints; sluggish bowels; abdominal distention, pain and tenderness; yellowish skin; and difficult weight loss.

Are you:

• Interested in supporting a healthy liver?
• Having trouble losing weight?
• Bloated in the abdomen and throughout the body?
• Suffering from allergy symptoms?
• Unusually tired for no particular reason?

The Problem:

The liver is a large organ that filters toxins and chemicals from the body.
Over time and as we age, if we are not following a complete internal
cleansing regimen, the liver can get overworked as it tries to keep up with
its filtering responsibilities. With the many toxins we ingest from the air we
breathe, to the food we eat, and the water we drink, the liver can end up
congested and unable to efficiently process toxins from the body. Body
functions can become slow or inactive altogether, due to an overload of
toxins in the liver. A toxic liver can cause sluggishness, fatigue, weight
gain, allergies, bloating, etc.

The Solution:

LipoMax10 is a phytonutrient complex which provides total support for liver
health. LipoMax10 was formulated to protect liver cells from damage,
stimulate the growth of new liver cells, and optimize liver functions that are
vital for good health.

The liver plays a major role in metabolizing nutrients, detoxifying the body
of poisons, and maintaining overall health and vitality. Unfortunately the
liver is often damaged and becomes sluggish by an onslaught of toxic
chemicals, drugs, and pollutants from modern life. LipoMax10 can help
counteract these challenges.

The Results

LipoMax10 helps the body in five primary ways:
• Helps relieve the symptoms of bloating, fatigue, water retention,
allergies, sluggish bowels, and a sluggish metabolism.
• Increases the intracellular level of antioxidants needed for proper liver
cell protection.
• Aids the body in detoxification—turning harmful foreign agents such as
pollutants, chemicals, naturally occurring toxins, and drugs into
harmless substances.
• Assists with stimulating the liver to form new cells that replace old or
damaged liver cells.
• Helps decrease fat deposits in the liver, thus helping to lower blood
cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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