Friday, March 1, 2013

35 Creative Ways to Burn Fat

I just found this in my Ultimate Body Challenge notes.  The following forms of exercise may seem elementary but adding them to your daily routine could burn the extra calories you need to acheive the body and mental clarity you have been searching for.

1.  Play more with your kids.
2.  Walk your dog, and invite your family and friends to join you.
3.  When sitting at your desk, waiting at a stop light, or even while watching TV, tighten or contract
 abdominal muscles for 10 seconds and release.  Then repeat.
4.  Prune, weed, and beautify your garden.  You'll improve flexibility in your arms, legs, and back.
5.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
6.  Ride your bike.
7.  Find a parking spot that is at least a brisk 5-minute walk to the store you are going to visit.
8.  Dance to your favorite music 20 minutes each day.
9.  Skip a rope.
10. Rake your leaves.
11. Trade in your power mower for a push mower.
12. Wash and wax your car, vigorously!
13. Hit the trail!  Discover local trails or try trails in new communities.  Don't forget your bike, 
running shoes, cross country skis, or hiking boots.
14. Go for a swim at your local pool or in your favorite lake.
15. Grab a racquet and play squash, racquetball, or badminton.
16. Try walking, rollerblading, or biking to work.
17. Join a fitness class.
18. Hit a tennis ball with a friend.
19. Play softball, baseball, or slow pitch.
20. Replace your coffee breaks with walking breaks.

21. Take time to stretch before, during, and after a long sitting period.
22. Purchase a new workout video.  (And do it!)
23. Try a new physical activity: soccer, ultimate frisbee, speed skating, folk dancing, fencing, and many others are available.
24. Put a basketball hoop up in your yard.
25. Try a yoga or tai-chi class.
26. Go bowling.
27. Do sit ups, pushups, stretch, or other exercises at home.
28. Play tag with your kids.
29. Make housework fun!  Dust and vacuum to your favorite tunes and throw in a dance step 
or two along the way!
30. Play hopscotch with your kids.
31. Add a stationary bike or exercise equipment to your home.
32. Go golfing and walk the course.
33. Organize a neighborhood-walking group.  Choose different routes, one for each day of the week, and invite family and friends to join you.
34.  Register for a local 5K walk/run.

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