Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 Day Get Yourself Organized Challenge - Day 2

by Kathi Lipp

Take 15 Minutes to to Get Yourself Organized: 3 Boxes and 2 Bags

3 Boxes and 2 Bags

With the response of my book The Get Yourself Organized Project being so amazing (BTW - thank you!!!) I have heard from a load of you that you are just overwhelmed when it comes to getting things put away. It's much easier to go lay down and watch an episode of Hoarders. ("At least I'm not as bad as her...") So I will be helping you get your stuff put away, one room at a time. And below, are the basics of the system: 3 Boxes and 2 Bags.

Today, just gather up these materials. Tomorrow I'll walk you through what to do with them. Don't worry! It will be easy, I promise!

This is a system you will be using in almost every room in your house, so I want you to gather up everything that you'll need right now:
  1. Set up three boxes, a garbage bag and a recycle bag, your iPod, and a timer. (You can use the one on your cell phone or your oven.)
  2. Mark one box as "Other Rooms" one as "Give Away" and one as "Put Back".
  3. Mark one bag as "Garbage" and one as "Recycle"
Easy, right? Tomorrow we'll put these items to good use!

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