Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recover from your Halloween Hangover

Good morning! How are you feeling today?  Candy or cocktails got you rundown? Tired? Sluggish?  Too much Halloween fun?

Halloween seems to be a time when all of our inhibitions are thrown to the ghouls and we take on an "anything goes" mentality. As parents and grandparents, we permit staying up late and eating lots of candy for our kids and then sneak into their candy after they've gone to bed. I mean, every piece we eat is a piece they won't, right?  If you don't have children, maybe you dress up and party with your friends, pretending the sugar and cocktails aren't affecting you, but you're costumed character.

Either way, this morning you may have awaken to a Halloween Hangover. Whether it be sugar or alcohol induced, here are some tips for overcoming the monster within you today:

1. Remove - If you have leftover candy and sweet treats left laying around this morning, remove them immediately.  Either find a place to donate it or package it into individual snacks to be used through out the year.  If you keep the candy, put it in a place that is out of sight and hard to reach.

2. Rehydrate - Halloween comes with high sugar consumption and high activity levels.  Its easy to overlook your body's need for hydration.  Drink extra water over the next few days to replenish lost fluids and to aid in digestion. This is especially important if you had a few adult beverages last night. We also use SPN Rehydration to combat dehydration at our house.  It's an all natural sports drink with very little sugar and only 40 calories.

3. Refuel - If you're diet over the last few days has not been the most nutritiously balanced, load up on vitamins and minerals for the rest of the week.  Keep in mind that sugar weakens the immune system so the more fruits and veggies you can get over the next few days, the better.  An easy and convenient way to get a balanced meal with added nutrients from nutritious veggies is with the BodyFx Meal Replacement Shake and Vital Green.  That shake gives you the vitamins and minerals of a complete meal and is easily digested to get you back on the right track super fast.  Adding the Vital Green adds important antioxidants to combat the preservatives, colorings, and chemicals consumed through junk food and candy.

4. Recommit - Often times guilt follows our over-indulgence and that's understandable.  However, it does not move us forward, it only ties us to our mistakes.  Get over it, move on and recommit to your healthy eating habits starting today!

If you'd like more information on cleansing and detoxifying your body for increased healthy and weight loss, be sure to complete our life and body analysis and get a free consultation.

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