Friday, August 19, 2011

Doggone nail...

...what's bothering you?

Here's a story I've heard several times before and used as an illustration in a conversation yesterday. I thought it was worth sharing here. Please share your comments below!

A man walked by a house each day on his way to work and he noticed the dog lying on the front porch…whimpering and whining and wailing.

Every day, without exception, the dog would just whimper and whine and wail…

But one day, the man saw the owner of the dog on the porch and he stopped and asked, “Why is your dog always whimpering and whining and wailing?”

The man responded, “He’s lying on a nail.”

He continued to ask, “Well, why doesn’t he get up off the nail?”

The man looked down at the whining dog—still lying there—and he answered, “It doesn’t hurt bad enough.”

How many people continue to whine, refusing to get up off the nail….because it just doesn’t hurt bad enough? What nails are you laying on?

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