Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Digital greetings...

...from a slacker!

Here it is, Christmas Eve Eve and I have everything all wrapped and ready and waiting! I just need to mop the floors before all of our children and grandchildren come over in the morning to celebrate our pseudo-"Christmas Morning".

When Jason and I were first married, we started this! We wanted that "Christmas morning" joy with Rachel and all the kids, so we usually pretend its Christmas morning on the morning before. This allows the twins to have Christmas morning with their babies and Rachel to have the "Christmas morning" experience with her mother and family.

It feels good to have it all done. It's been done since Monday! Call me crazy but I kind of wish I had "just one more thing" to pick up just so I could see the madness at Wal-mart and the mall! I guess I feel like I'm missing out on something! Crazy I know!

So before you think I've done something great, you need to know that I did not send Christmas cards this year (or last year for that matter)! So, if you haven't received my cute little card in the mail, that's because its NOT THERE! I felt so bad for not doing it last year that I vowed I would get them out right after Thanksgiving this year... hmmm... now once again, I am vowing to do the same...

So, in lieu of paper and stamps, I have created a digital greeting for you all! Click the photo in the upper left-hand corner to receive my year-end report and Christmas wishes! Oh and to see a cute picture of Jason rocking out with a baby guitar!

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